What Are 5 Common Signs Of Ant Infestation

Ants are the most common insects in every home. But, these can cause an infestation in your home. Thus, it’s important to get rid of them as soon as possible. So, you’ll require ant control service from the professionals in case of infestation.

Ant Infestation
Ant Infestation

How to find if there are ants in your home or not? Here are 5 common signs that indicate your home is ant infested- 

  1. Seeing ants walking in a line

Ant infestation at home is not at all good. This will not only ruin your household items but also cause a lot of infestation. As a result of this, people can get many health issues. There are some of the signs of an infestation that one should know. One of them is seeing a long line of ants walking together.

This usually happens when an ant finds a source of food then they trail the information to the other ants of the colony. Whenever you’re seeing this kind of line of ants then there’s certainly an infestation in your home. In such a situation, you should either try using natural remedies to kill them or call professional pest control in Mosman.

  1. Sawdust trails

Another most common sign is seeing sawdust in your home. If there are ants then sawdust is a common thing to remove them from your wooden items. So, make sure to have a look at the wooden items to see if there is sawdust.

  1. Seeing live ants

One of the indicators of an ant infestation is seeing live ants in the home. A live ant in the home indicates that there’s a large colony of ants somewhere around your home. Ants are always in constant search of food because of which you can see them. Once you identify a live ant make sure to follow some natural and home remedies to get rid of them. You can also call a professional to perform the process of the best pest control.

  1. Ant hills outside of the home

Is there a pile of dirt outside the home? Are you seeing an ant hill outside of the home? If yes then there’s an infestation in your home. They can enter your home and infest it. So, make sure to get rid of them as soon as possible.

  1. Check the walls

There are times when ants can be seen walking on the walls in a line. This is a clear sign that your home is an infestation and you’re needed to get the ant control done. If you’re avoiding this then you might see the spread of ants in your home. So, it’s better to seek professional pest control help to get rid of the ants.


These are some common signs that show your home is ant infested. If you’re seeing ants inside or outside of your home then you should call the Reliable Pest Control Services for ant control so that you can get a quick rid of them.